Just Some Helpful Information For Our Student Body & Current Graduates by Dr. Ava Rockwell

As you go through the modules of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate®, you'll notice there's only a handful of assignments and homework for Module 1: Science & Medicine, with the exception of required commentary and an anatomy and physiology quiz or two.

Module 1 is meant to lay down your foundational sciences and help develop your knowledge of anatomy and pathophysiology, but you will see that change as you move beyond it, most dramatically leading up and into Module 4: Clinical Global Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms.

And no, that's not psychedelic mushrooms, in case you were mistaken. We don't have a lesson on that, but if we did, it would be in Spiritual Medicine.

Our former Spiritual Medicine program had 900 lessons in it alone. We discussed 'magic mushrooms' there, but it's not in the new program because, believe it or not, we downsized in some areas and simplified, but you can always request an archive pass if you're currently enrolled and you want more.

You'll begin applying the things you learn starting from Module 2: Traditional Naturopathy & Natural Medicine forward.

Remember that you'll be entering a brand new educational platform, which means we lost older comments from the last seven years to Thinkific and Teachable (our previous learning platforms).

Improving our educational platform was bittersweet because we lost a lot of history, including comments from students who were new to what we taught years ago but who are now thriving in their own private practices. As the founder, I loved re-reading some of those old comments...

As we close out our old platforms, I plan to make small tribute to those students, their growth, and their words.

That's why we now require commentary on every lesson instead of a private essay because you get to see what your peers think and say.

You never know whose life you might change with one simple comment and sometimes the comments are as good as the lessons themselves.

Some are so impressive, and some are just funny. The comments show one's unique spirit and may hint at or reveal their gifts. 

We use Kajabi now because of the superior user interface and student experience. Speaking of which, the current student body comprises just over 1,100 pretty cool, talented, and amazing individuals.

Some have graduated completely, but others have graduated in parts and are still studying. Education, like healing, is a process.

We let you decide what schedule and time commitment work best for you. That's why lifetime access is so amazing. There's no pressure of losing value over time.

Of course, we provide every tool for your imminent success. 

Most of our graduates hunker down and move surprisingly quickly through their modules of primary interest, going on to study more languidly other areas after setting up and initializing a new practice or improving their current one.

If you're brand new, we help you from start to finish in the Rockwell Business Emporium® for holistic providers.

The fastest certifications to complete are for becoming a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Health Professional, R-CHHP, an Iodine-Literate Practitioner, ILP and a Rockwell-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, RCHWC.

Our largest modules come from our holistic doctorates, in this order; Module 2: Traditional Naturopathy & Natural Medicine, Module 4: Clinical Global Herbalism & Medicinal Mushrooms, and Module 5: Advanced Holistic Nutrition.

While functional blood chemistry represents our newest and final holistic doctorate, it's much easier to finish than the above modules if that's an area you wish to direct your personal focus.

We recommend focusing on one holistic doctorate and one minor certification of your choice at a time. This gives you some wiggle room to bounce between two focus areas should you need a break from either. It can get intense, but the rewards are infinite.

As soon as you complete anything (holistic doctorate or minor certification), you're officially an R-CHP or Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider® as a general title.

Everyone who completes a certification is an R-CHP.

Each of us will have varying doctorates and minor certifications, depending on where we are in the program, though and where we choose to start.

Exciting, right?

And special, because we attract only the very best, most in demand at what they do.

Rockwell is more than just a school. Rockwell is synonymous with quality of care by quality providers. The public specifically seeks us out, which is why we're building a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider®, R-CHP database.

Our student body is predicted to triple in the coming years, and believe us when we tell you, the demand will still outweigh provider availability. You as one person can only work so much.

Rockwell graduates represent a new type of doctor, the functionally-trained, holistic provider.

We don't treat, diagnose, or prescribe. We target, prevent, reverse, and eliminate root causes with Ideal Health Theory® for optimal quality of life and longevity.

Whether you work one-on-one, in a private practice or group clinic, or if you become a holistic influencer, flaunting, yet graciously sharing your knowledge and expertise with the masses through group coaching, writing a book and promoting it, or your affiliate Amazon store, the world will still need more people like you, focusing in an area, like you, but different. Don't be too quick to dismiss influencers, or the idea of becoming one, either.

Good, honest, true-blue people are needed on this front, too.

I talk about this in my bone broth expose and controversies here.

This is great for those who still want to make a difference, but who may not want to work one-on-one or in a clinical setting for whatever reason. We are all different and require different approaches, but the faster we can educate others as influencers (you're all influencing others, intentionally or not), the faster the planet and her people heal. It is that connected and every step in the right direction counts.

As a holistic provider, you have authority to inform people, and that includes their product use and purchase decisions.

We, as holistic providers, influence people for the greater good and benefit by creating a loyal following for our books, Amazon affiliates, and courses allowing us to help more people in the process, however that looks for us.

Of course, you don't have to write a book. We get to pick and choose to do as much or as little as we wish, depending on what most resonates, and all just by sharing our knowledge.

No two holistic providers are the exact same. We all have our means, methods, and unique gifts. We can help you hone those in a single telephone session.

We show you the way. You choose the path, which is easy because there are so many gaps to fill. The need is real, and it's endless. We want you to be a part of it. We want you to be able to answer "yes" when someone asks, "are you Rockwell-Certified?" or "are you a Rockwell naturopath?"

Rockwell is the name people know and trust.

Anytime our students or graduates have questions or need additional support, we're just a phone call away, night or day. Feel free to email, text, or call with any questions. We would love to help you in any way we can.

Our mission is to light the world in hope and healing. We facilitate that through our student body every chance we get.


Ava Rockwell, 

Founder, Visionary, & CEO 



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