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  The process is simple.

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There's an affiliate login button just below this sign-up page that you can bookmark for future use. As soon as we get an email telling us you've enrolled as an affiliate, we will create a link to use on your socials, newsletters, and website.

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Your affiliate login account is where you can track your commissions and sales. Payments are made monthly on the 1st, as long as it has been 30+ days since the initial purchase (in case there's a refund request). 

You will be paid on any new commissions once the initial 30-days for new trainee enrollment is passed, and you will be paid ongoing for any payment plan enrollees after the first 30-days, as well.

Please see our disclaimer below the affiliate login for more information, and be sure to fill out and send us your 1099 to [email protected] to get your affiliate link. There's a link to 1099 forms below the affiliate login.

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Disclaimer: We offer a stipulated 14-day refund policy. 

The only case you will not be paid is if a credit card fails and is never reinstated to collect payments.

There's nothing we can do in those situations, so thanks in advance for understanding! You can view our refund policy on our website under ENROLL by clicking one of the enrollment options on the page, and then clicking checkout.  

The Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine reserves the right to remove any affiliate at any point if the information is not provided at registration, including tax ID, contact information, and business information. Please fill out and submit your 1099 to receive payments (link below)

In the rare event that a user withdraws, requests a refund, or cancels their registration, you will not be paid on that service fee/commission.

Please email us your 1099, after which we will provide your affiliate link inside your user account.

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