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a message from our founder


Does Rockwell resonate with you? If so, then I hope you will join us and be our partner in the holistic medicine revolution.


Help us redefine, rebuild, and reshape society as a whole, from the ground up, starting with healthcare and medicine.


Do it for yourself, do it for your children, or the children, as a whole, your clients, you community, and do it, most of all, for the planet, and all her creatures, big and small.


The more ethical people, with morals, ethics, values, and integrity who stand up to a corrupt system and a broken society, the better the helpless and dependent among us will be, like the planet, her people, and all the pollinators (honeybees who pollinate our food), and the animals, —the more favorable the final outcome.


true story...


Did you know that Blue Diamond, the almond milk maker, has to rent bees yearly to pollinate their almond trees in California? Many bees die and tons of corruption takes place.



And did you know that there is a black market for these bees, many of which end up stolen —yes, stolen

I'm not going to get into an almond milk controversy right now, and I'm not going to say I never drink it, although all those fillers are less than ideal.


However, when I speak of the helpless and dependent, I can't think of a more innocent bystander than the honeybee. What a tragedy science has had to create robotic bees as a backup. The bee issue is due to fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides, and fungicides, chemicals such as Roundup.


Maybe in 100 years, because of you, we'll live in a more utopic society where such things are forbidden because someone like you stood up and made your voice heard.


Start now. Start with Rockwell. Be the agent of change you were born to be.


Become the revolution, —one human at a time.


With support for all you do, all you are, and all you will become.


fellow revolutionary,