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The gorgeous shimmering rocks above are pure iodine crystals.

Stunning, we know. 

Iodine not only looks stunning in all its raw and various forms, but it will help you manifest your full health potential so you can step into your ideal self and begin living your ideal life.

That's our promise to you.

Iodine's beautifying and life-giving properties are unparalleled and considered at Rockwell to be foundational medicine.

This holistic minor provides you with the knowledge and skill sets to practice confidently, safely, and effectively as an Iodine Literacy Practice Consultant, ILPC®.

In addition to your primary professional designation, you'll receive secondary title as a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider, R-CHP®.

Everyone who graduates from any of our holistic doctorates or minor certifications receives dual title as an R-CHP┬« in addition to their primary title or titles and professional designations.

This title is the unifying thread amongst our graduate providers that collectively unites us.

As an ILPC®, you can offer iodine consultations to the public as an entry-level (or add-on) service to your future or existing practice.

This practice certification includes a mix of audio and video lecture, periodicals, scientific journals, research in evidence-based natural medicine, anecdotal theory, case studies, quizzes, tests, and a final exam. 

You can retake tests and quizzes as often as needed to score passing or above.

You'll find practice resources, documentation, and client forms in the final section of this course.

Iodine is instrumental to thyroid function. Thyroid function is instrumental to weight and metabolism. Thyroid and breast health correlate strongly.

Iodine increases children's IQ and helps babies grow properly in utero, yet most prenatal vitamins don't include it.

According to hard science, element 53 prevents 70%+ of endocrine-system-related cancers, yet 90%+ of the population is reliably deficient.

Considered a medical catastrophe of epidemic proportion, you can change all that and help women protect themselves, their daughters, and the women they love simply by becoming an iodine literacy practice consultant.

Becoming an ILPC® is one of the easiest and fastest ways to legitimately begin helping people and improving lives as an entry-level holistic provider. And iodine practice theory is the best thing an established practice can incorporate. We promise your life will never be the same.