Welcome to Rockwell.

Our founder, Ava Rockwell, still personally reads and responds to every single student intake because she wants to know each and every person's story within our student body. After all, your story is what brought you here and it's a map to where you're going. Ready to begin the educational journey of a lifetime? Start by filling out the student intake below.

Student Intake Notes

The purpose of this student intake is to learn more about you and help you learn more about us.

Please note that we only respond to intakes accompanied by same-day enrollment.

Our system auto-deletes all intakes submitted without enrollment every 24 hours to protect our system from bots and spam.

If you don't hear back from us regarding your intake, this is usually why, so please be sure to follow the instructions as specified.

Thank you.

—the Rockwell Office of Admissions

Fun Facts: Why do we need your telephone number? We need your number to occasionally reach out to you by text or call if you're emailing us program questions but all of our responses are bouncing back or if your tuition payments aren't going through due to an expired card and you're about to be unenrolled and charged a re-enrollment fee.

The Rockwell Student Intake Form