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What is Holistic Medicine?


Holistic medicine is a model of care that emphasizes the integration of body, mind, and spirit. It aligns these core elements with an approach that both humanizes and deepens the client-provider experience. A holistic perspective in practice focuses on the uniqueness of each person's bio-individuality and responsibility for their health. It simultaneously takes a whole-person approach, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.



Learn Predictive Autoimmunity, Anti-Aging & Cancer Prevention. 

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional medicine means getting up close and personal, getting under the microscope, and targeting, reversing, and eliminating root causes. Did you know that most conventional medical providers know nothing about functional blood chemistry, something that you will become well-versed in? In fact, functional medicine is woven throughout the fabric of every aspect of our coursework.


We coined the term, 'functional holistic medicine,' because people need both.

evaluates, nourishes, & nurtures the whole person

health starts with you... we show you how

targets, prevents, eliminates, & reverses root causes

Rockwell. The north star of functional, holistic medicine.

You'll learn how to target, reverse, and eliminate root causes.


What is Conventional Medicine?


Conventional medicine is excellent for emergency medical care, such as surgery, stitches, or prescriptions, without which you can't survive. It's also great for some of those elective cosmetic  procedures some of us can't live without. Still, unless functionally trained, conventional medical providers generally take a reductionist view of health in diagnosing and treating chronic disease, which usually involves medication or surgical intervention to remove the offending body part or organ. Prescription drugs are the educational foundation of conventional medical practice where health concerns are treated in isolation vs. in unity of the whole person. Sadly, according to John Hopkins University, conventional medicine is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States due to medical errors. It's safe to say that some degree of med school and practice ethics reform are needed.



Focus on Symptoms 

Pricey Medications




Pharmaceutical Pollution


Profits Before People


How They Differ


A functional and holistic practice model takes a multi-factorial approach based on the unity of one's combined essences and environmental exposome. This model bases any evaluation on the belief that the person and their environment mutually influence the other. It defines health as a state of complete mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, not merely the absence of disease. For better or worse, people's health is affected not only by nutrition, diet, stress, and genetics but also by their intrapersonal relationships. Our providers target all of these areas and more with Ideal Health Theory®.




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learn the 5 core pillars of functional, holistic practice; traditional naturopathy, clinical global herbalism, advanced holistic nutrition, spiritual medicine & functional blood chemistry.

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Take a virtual tour of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD) in the menu above, where we walk you through our stunningly beautiful online learning platform. You'll get to see all coursework, modules, and sample lessons included in the RTD®, so you can begin the educational journey of a lifetime and become a Rockwell Certified Holistic Provider®, RCH-P. Excited yet? We are!



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Board Certification

All Rockwell graduates qualify and can apply for board certification of holistic providers from any organization that offers it. Such organizations are dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image, prestige, and credibility among certified holistic health practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies. Board Certification is an optional, voluntary designation that demonstrates professional competence and dedication, as it validates the qualifications of a professional in a respective field of study, regardless of specialty.






Our Mission


Our mission is to provide the most affordable, accessible, and high-quality education of this class and type to all who seek it and to produce and co-create the most soundly educated, in-demand, and sought-after holistic health practitioners in the world. Oh, and we want to light the world in hope and healing, bringing holistic medicine into each and every household across the globe, as we rebuild, redefine, and reshape society. Do you share this mission? We can't do it alone.



avoid burnout

Stop doing a job that drains you, and make a move to a career you'll love.


Our programs are 100% online and available 24/7 to study around your busy schedule.


Work with clients from anywhere, anytime. You can see clients locally in person and globally over Zoom.


Your family will observe and model your healthy behaviors as you study and incorporate what you learn.  

Our Vision


At least one person in every household should possess the knowledge in our programs. Our vision is to light the world in truth and healing by bringing holistic medicine to each and every household across the globe because everyone deserves the right to manifest their full health potential in their lifetime. 



member organizations


Graduates can become members of the following organizations and apply to become a professionally registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG).

a welcome message from our founder

Rockwell was born of the need for an ideal holistic provider and an ideal holistic school. I wanted to go beyond mainstream functional and holistic training. My goal was to help co-create the most in-demand, highly qualified, and sought-after holistic health practitioners in the world.


And that's exactly what we've done. As a true idealist, Rockwell has no equal. Nothing else like it exists.


It is my wish for Rockwell to act as a catalyst, to be a guiding light that brings holistic medicine into each and every household across the globe, giving hope to the masses for new and improved conditions across societies near and far.


And that's exactly what we're doing. And what about you? Will you help us light the world in hope and healing? 


The world needs you, and by that, I mean the people and the planet, and all the innocent, gentle things on and in it, like the near extinct plant and animal species, the pollinators...


Rebels, revolutionaries, change agents, and visionaries are needed to reshape, rebuild, and reimagine a more utopic society from the ground up.


It starts here, and it starts with you... Truer words were never spoken. Welcome to your future alma mater, visionary.


With support for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you are becoming... 

—ava rockwell


manifest your full health potential & get paid to help others do the same.








What qualifications are required to enroll?


We believe anyone with the proper training and leadership can provide others with the life-changing guidance they need to manifest their full health potential. That’s why there are no prerequisites. 


Many of our trainees seek more substantial credibility in their current, already established practice, whereas others arrive at Rockwell with no prior knowledge or experience. 


Graduates of any of one of the core doctorates within the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD) are eligible to apply for board certification with any number of providers. While optional and voluntary, holistic providers often use board certification to challenge themselves and enhance their credibility.


Once you complete the Doctorate of Traditional Naturopathy®, DTN you may sit for board certification from The American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) and the American Association of Wellness Professionals (AAWP), both which require testing, or the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), which does not.


Once you complete the Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism®, DCH and acquire clinical hours through your practice, you may become a professionally registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild (AHG) and request to speak at their yearly symposium. Any provider can become a member of the American Botanical Council, United Plant Savers, and the National Health Freedom Coalition.


Why is lab testing essential?


Functional medicine is functional blood chemistry, and functional blood chemistry is functional medicine. As a Doctor of Functional Medicine®, DFM, we test for predictive autoimmunity, food sensitivities, advanced hormonal issues, and we use full RNA-sequencing of the microbiome.


Of course, we never treat, diagnose, or prescribe.We interpret testing under the supervision of a medical director program and physician network.


We integrate the concepts and principles of functional medicine throughout the foundation of our coursework, but nothing is more functional than blood chemistry, the crux of functional training. And no school does it like Rockwell. That's a promise.



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