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We want you to benefit from all the students you've been sending our way, so going forward, we're going to give you a 22.22% affiliate commission for every new enrollment you send us.

This quite literally means that you can earn a passive income simply by placing our affiliate link on your website, landing page, or Linktree.

And every time you share our holistic doctorates and practice minors with your friends, fans, and client devotees on your social media platforms, you have another easy way to earn additional income.

The best thing is that there's no limit!

All you need is a social media platform or website to share your affiliate link and a Zelle account to get paid! 

Create your affiliate account below, then share your link to help others become holistic provider rockstars. 

We check and pay out commission earnings every morning and pay you as soon as your funds land, which takes about 3 rolling days, barring weekends and bank holidays.

You don't need to wait 30 days. How cool is that!? 


Receive Generous Commissions

Generate Passive Income

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How Exactly Does it Work?

 The process is so simple.

Your visitor clicks our affiliate link on your site, social media, or in an email.
Then, our software logs the visitor's IP, and a cookie is placed in their browser for 90 days for tracking purposes. 
The visitor browses our site, and if they decide to enroll, your affiliate is tracked and recorded in your account. You can track sales. 
If the visitor enrolls using your referral link, the enrollment will be registered, and you will receive a 22.22% commission!
If you refer just one person to the RTD Certification Program and they make a one-time, full tuition payment, you'll have $1800 in your pocket. It's good for all of our offers, full-pay, recurring, and low-income.
If they choose a payment option, you will receive 22.22% of that amount in installments until the program is paid in full.

Click on the sign-up button below to create your affiliate  account.

There's an affiliate login button just below this sign-up page that you can bookmark for future use. As soon as we receive an email confirming your enrollment as an affiliate, we'll set up your affiliate link for use on your social media, newsletters, and website.  

When you log in to your affiliate account, you'll see your link to copy and paste wherever you want. One link tracks all purchases for 90 days. Most affiliates only give you 21-30 days, but not us! Your affiliate login account is where you can track your commissions and sales.  

Payments are made daily during the business week. You're usually paid 5-7 days after an erollment is made.

To get your affiliate link, be sure to fill out and send us your 1099 to [email protected]

Below the affiliate sign-up is the affiliate login (bookmark it), and there's a link to the 1099 forms. 

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