Steep yourself in the magical world of plant medicine. 


We teach clinical, global herbalism and medicinal mushrooms. Many herbal practice classifications include clinical, western, evolutionary, planetary, and more.


Every nation, country-state, and culture has its own herbal practices as a form of indigenous medicine handed down over eons, much of which was learned from observing animals self-medicating with plants. 


You'll learn all of this and more inside the Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism® or DCH module of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program®, where you'll gain familiarity and practice knowledge of every single herb on the planet. After all, that's why it's a doctorate of clinical herbalism. 


Herbal medicine is the first line of defense against illness in most developing countries, where access is limited to conventional medicine, sometimes called medical deserts. 


It's miraculous how efficient and effective herbalism actually is. We teach you everything from practical to advanced to seasonal herbalism. 


You'll learn where herbalism crosses over with traditional naturopathy in essential oils and aromatherapy and spiritual medicine in flower essences as energy medicine. 


We'll teach you how to grow, forage, wildcraft, and make herbal medicines, tinctures, and the like, personal care, and beauty products, such as flower and herbal hydrosols, rose water, facial masks, bath bombs, and more.


In the art of botanical medicine, every illness and condition known to humankind has a matching herb or herbs. Wonderful, right?