What is clinical herbalism?


There are many different kinds of herbalism, such as western, evolutionary, planetary, Native American, Ayurvedic, Persian, Anvicil, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and clinical herbalism.


You will learn about every kind of herbalism in the Doctorate of Clinical Herbalism® (DCH) module of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD).


There are some areas where herbalism crosses over with traditional naturopathy.


We cover all that and more. You will learn about the miraculous properties of essential oils, aromatherapy, and flower essences.


You will learn how to grow, forage, wildcraft, and make your own herbal medicines and personal care, beauty products, such as herbal hydrosols, rose water, facial masks, and bath bombs.


As you complete this program, you will be able to apply these modalities to your own life and share your firsthand experience when you employ your clients to practice these concepts.


Every illness known to man has a matching herb or herbs. You will walk away from this course knowing that nature provides all that is sacred and holy in the form of plant medicine. You will develop a more profound affinity and kinship for all living, breathing green things!


And you will learn how to respectfully gather these in alignment with the concept of rewilding, bringing more wilderness into overly tamed areas, replenishing depleted environments, and making them lush again. Not only for you, but for the insects and the pollinators (bees) that are all too casually overlooked and disregarded in society today.


You will learn about food forests, foraging, ethical harvesting, and wildcrafting. We teach you how to best cut plants and harvest herbs in a way that causes the least amount of harm or discomfort for them because, after all, they are living things that we don’t ever want to take for granted.


We teach you how to walk in reverence to this divine energy and have gratitude for the abundance of plant medicine available to us passed down from our wise ancestors’ trial and error.


Many of whom learned from watching animals use plants.


It’s safe to say that this is a life-changing program, and we’re ecstatic to share it with you. Please see our program tour for additional information on course content and curriculum.