What's functional medicine? 


Welcome to one of our most exciting, life-changing, holistic doctorates.


That's saying a lot because all of our holistic doctorates and minor certifications are incredible.


The concept of functional medicine is woven throughout the practice model of Ideal Health Theory® as a means of prevention, but besides targeting, reversing, and eliminating root causes, what is functional medicine and functional blood chemistry exactly?


Natural and herbal medicine are both wonderful, but we still need functional medicine. Functional blood chemistry is functional medicine, and functional medicine is functional blood chemistry.


FBC uses lab tests to gain contextual data on our biomarkers (things our blood tells us) to help predict and prevent disease (not diagnose it).


We use tests not to be confused with the ones you'll get at your conventional medical doctor's office. Make no mistake about it. Functional blood chemistry testing is better and functional medicine is far superior to conventional medicine.


Physicians diagnose disease through symptoms and blood work, but much of their methodology is outdated and unnecessarily invasive or inaccurate. From lab ranges to testing methods, conventional medicine is unevolving.


There are much smarter, better ways to prevent or diagnose a disease (if you're medically licensed to do so) than using autoimmune tissue sampling, mammography, and colonoscopies, all of which are just more dangerous, archaic, invasive, and outdated means, which do not justify their end.


There are much safer ways to gain information, but sadly, most conventional medical doctors are victims of their profession as much as their patients are, as you'll see below.


This is because translational medicine, or how long it takes for new knowledge and technology to reach the mass of conventional doctors practicing and implementing it can take anywhere from 17-20 years, so most physicians and counterparts are, as they say, 'behind the times' in their practice methodologies.


Not only that, —they experience a lot of restriction and red tape (more than normal professions). You can learn all about that inside the $99 Iodine Literacy Practice Certification, ILPC®, where we go in-depth on this very concerning matter regarding the citizen health of an entire populace.


Many of the tests conventional providers rely on (and the methods by which they're interpreted) are outdated, barbaric, and dangerous.


Yet, never questioning, we offer ourselves up at their sole discretion, with blind allegiance to the medical-industrial complex, not knowing that there's a better way,—even though it's the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States and suspected globally due to medical errors.


And that's where functional blood chemistry comes in. Functional medicine provides the answers we need more safely and poses little to no risk or harm.


For example, several cancer tests are not being utilized by physicians, who generally tend to stick to the more dangerous, profitable, and mainstream (outdated) approaches like those previously mentioned.


While we don't treat disease, diagnose, or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, we can still help clients immensely by looking at and interpreting their functional labs to make the discovery process less noxious, toxic, and traumatic on the body.


Of course, if we see evidence of disease in biomarkers, we refer our clients to the nearest licensed and functionally trained medical professional for possible diagnosis.


This holistic doctorate of functional medicine kicks off with the following course objectives: 

  • the conventional vs. functional approach to blood chemistry 
  • functional brain chemistry and its relevance (unique to Rockwell)
  • how to order and interpret testing for yourself, your family, and clients

We'll also teach you about: 

  • test manufacturers
  • test types and mediums
  • lab providers + test distributors
  • avoiding over-testing


We love tests. They tell us stuff. 

  • if we have proper nutrients in our body 
  • if our hormones are sufficient and balanced
  • if we have heavy metals or parasitic infection
  • if our thyroid is functioning
  • if we have a bacterial infection or anemia
  • our response to EMF, (electromagnetic fields)
  • what foods our body is reacting negatively to
  • what may be triggering our autoimmunity
  • what changes we can make to help prevent autoimmunity


Testing Mediums


Most people assume that labs = blood, but that's not always true.


Testing mediums come in the following categories; 


  • hair
  • blood
  • saliva
  • serum 
  • stool
  • urine
  • skin 

Skin is only used for a few tests, as is hair. Most functional tests will use saliva, stool, and urine.


And as much as we hate to burst the old bubble, some of our graduates know far more about functional blood chemistry and proper use of labs than some licensed medical professionals, including and especially physicians practicing conventional medicine. 


*note, if you live outside the US, you likely won't be able to access functional testing unless it's accessible in your country.

Ready to order and interpret your own labs, no permission needed?