Functional medicine is functional blood chemistry and functional blood chemistry is functional medicine.


Welcome to one of the most exciting and life-changing, holistic doctorates we offer. That's saying a lot because everything we offer is so incredible.


Besides targeting, reversing, and eliminating root causes, what is functional blood chemistry exactly?


Functional blood chemistry uses labs to gain contextual data on our biomarkers to help predict and prevent disease, in conjunction with other proactive measures.


This holistic doctorate of functional medicine kicks off with the following course objectives.


  • conventional medicine vs. functional medicine

  • functional medicine and why it's needed


You'll learn key differences between the two and why conventional medicine is best suited for acute and emergency care, or elective, cosmetic treatments.


  • the conventional vs. functional approach to blood chemistry 

  • functional brain chemistry and its relevance (unique to Rockwell)

  • how to order and interpret testing for yourself, your family, and clients


We'll also teach you about:


  • test manufacturers

  • test types and mediums

  • lab providers + test distributors


Tests tell us stuff.


  • if we have proper nutrients in our body 

  • if our hormones are sufficient and balanced

  • if we have heavy metals or parasitic infection

  • if our thyroid is functioning

  • if we have a bacterial infection or anemia

  • our response to EMF, (electromagnetic fields)

  • what foods our body is reacting negatively to

  • what may be triggering our autoimmunity

  • what changes we can make to help prevent autoimmunity





Most people assume that labs = blood, but that's not always true.


Testing mediums come in the following categories; 


  • hair

  • blood

  • saliva

  • serum 

  • stool

  • urine

  • skin


Skin is only used for a few tests, as is hair. Most functional tests will use saliva, stool, and urine.


Ready to order and interpret your own labs, no permission needed?