What's advanced holistic nutrition?


Are you ready to study nutrition? After all, food is everything. As humans, our lives literally revolve (albeit unknowingly) around food. That's how we've built civilization (on our ability to protect and source food).


Advanced holistic nutrition is a term our founder coined to describe this holistic doctorate because it goes above and beyond the ordinary in terms of nutritional expertise.


Our advanced holistic nutrition program remains unrivaled since its inception in 2015, and is unquestionably still the best in the world.


More than anything you ever do, nutrition will always represent the core foundation of all holistic practice because the need for food is all consuming. 


While our genetic expression doesn’t define us, it is heavily dependent on these foods we consume, a concept known as epigenetics, similar to epigenomics, which you will learn about in our Doctorate of Advanced Holistic Nutrition®, DAHN module coursework.


For example, one can be inflamed from a binge eating diet, and within 3-4 days of eating a diet rich in whole foods, feel fantastic.


The healthier we eat, the less we activate the expression of unfavorable genetics, and the more we express our good genes. Genetics don’t determine everything, and lifestyle is key. However certain foods will cause certain genes, good and bad, to 'express.'


Troubleshooting food addictions and food-related lifestyle disease markers involves targeting the body, heart, and mind by addressing underlying emotional issues and stress management, including schedule, discipline, purpose, self-love, unresolved childhood and adult trauma, as well as the environment, and rest, —all known as the exposome. 


That’s why we work with all aspects of a person because healing is not as simple as introducing healthy food options, restricting processed foods, or someone having willpower, exercising, and changing their habits. There's more to the story.


It takes recalibration and rebalancing brain chemistry, super solid, a fail-safe stress management plan, and a lot of strength and determination, if we're being honest, and we always are.


Brain chemistry, imbalances, stress, and processed foods, often addictive, play a huge role, and we must address all of these factors for total healing.


We teach you everything under the sun so that by the time you complete this module, you'll be a true nutritional expert, in every sense of the word.


Let medicine be they food, and food be they medicine. —Hippocrates



Acessing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Making a Difference

Rewarding Work


Nutritional Elements


We study eating disorders as a part of our Advanced Holistic Nutrition Doctorate (AHND) because our relationship with food is often a symptom vs. a root cause.


Unresolved trauma and environmental factors are often causal, but people are so busy and overwhelmed they cannot see this. As a trained provider, this is where you come in and address all points of health, body, mind, and soul. 


When we align these elements, being healthy becomes easier. 


Straight logic alone never wins, as healing requires insight, depth, empathy, and an investigative mind to dig deeper and put the pieces together concerning your client's total wellbeing. 


You will be able to do this with the holistic methodology we provide. 


Different food-oriented wellness practitioners and medical professionals, such as licensed dietitians. There are all kinds of curriculums and educators. 


However, ours is the most thorough, advanced, well-thought-out, and cutting-edge of all because we leave no stone unturned in our quest for comparative models and ideal nourishment.



Community Leadership

Being Proud of Your Work

Touching Lives 


Unity, Heart Coherence, & Intention


We are in the process of becoming a National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) approved school and gaining other professional affiliations from similar organizations.


Our AHND includes 30+ herbs because there is some crossover for naturopathy, herbalism, and nutrition, none mutually exclusive. 


We created the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD) because all programs are so integral to know in conjunction with each other, as none can stand alone in the practice of total health. The disciplines and methodology are synergistic. Our students learn about vitamins and minerals and conventional and natural herbal and food sources.


Students can expect to learn seemingly minor but vital details, such as the critical differences between ascorbic acid and natural vitamin C, the different forms and sources of citric acid, the difference between synthetic and natural Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and selenium, folate vs. folic acid, B 6 vs. P5P, types of iodine, and more.





All the Details


Students learn about fillers, excipients, and binders. 


We teach you which vitamins are temporary supplemental health boosters and which supplements should be a lifetime commitment for total health and well-being. 


Many dangerous vitamins calcify the body, for example, the pineal gland, responsible for our endocrine system and is now thought to be heavily connected to chronic disease, including Alzheimer’s. We teach you how to avoid that through diet and lifestyle choices.


Other vitamins and herbal supplements may be damaging to our liver. 


We teach you which to take, which to avoid, and which ones to recommend or discourage.


Our students can also expect to learn how specific vitamins are synergistic and have cofactors to maximize functionality and absorption.


In addition, we cover trending and traditional diets so you can explore all the options. We can’t say one diet is best for one person, as we all vary. 


Some people have a blood disease that makes them ill if they consume many iron-containing foods, while others get sick from not consuming foods with the right kind of absorbable iron.



Target Root Causes

Detective Mindset

Community & Contentment

One Does Not Fit All


Other people become allergic to red meat from a parasite caused by ticks, while others reverse autoimmunity on an all-meat diet.


Some swear by veganism, and others say it’s appropriate only for a cleanse. Some say that fruitarianism cured their infertility, and others say it causes pancreatic problems. 


Some say chocolate is one of the world’s superfood antioxidants, while others say it is a serious toxin. Some say raw foods are ideal, and others say that to be absorbable, many foods need to be cooked. 


Some people are anti-religious or against prayer, but others say a prayer or blessing food and water with loving intention before eating alters the structure of the food, making it better for us.


You will learn all of this and more! The AHND is one of our most exciting, revolutionary, and life-changing programs. You will never look at food in the same way after completing this part of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate (RTD). 


Most importantly, the AHND will teach you how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit so you can teach your clients to do the same. 


Please see our program tour for additional information on course content and curriculum.


Ready to walk the walk and talk the talk?