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I'm Ava, the founder of Rockwell. Thanks for trusting me with the educational journey of a lifetime. This is my life's work. I want to inspire and encourage you to step into your role as a leader so that you can become a guiding light locally, nationally, and globally serving communities near and far.


In order for you to reach the sweet, sun-drenched, champagne-soaked finish line of success and self-realization, ask yourself, where do you want to be in one year? And will you let fear hold you back, like I did? Or will you fly in the face of fear? Will you be courageous how you want your children to be? Will you share your gifts and sacred offerings, or will you hide them away and keep them all to yourself?


That is the question...

The Story of Rockwell


Ready to light the world in hope and healing? Ready to reveal yourself to the world? Ready to step into your life with grace and aplomb? Ready to slip into your destiny, effortlessly, with ease? Ready to manifest your full health potential and get paid to help others do the same?


Meet Our Founder Ava Rockwell


My goal was to help co-create the most in-demand, highly qualified, and sought-after holistic health practitioners in the world.


And that's exactly what I'm doing.


I wanted to be a guiding light that brings functional, holistic medicine into each and every household across the globe, like a lantern's warmth.


And that's exactly what we're doing. And what about you? Will you help us light the world in hope and healing?


It's time to become your own hero, your own child, and treat yourself how you would them.

self-parenting 101

I apologize for the sunglasses, but no, not really...


I am wearing them in almost all of my pictures.


You'll get to know that about me. You'd think I was part vampire, but I am always sure to let my eyes get a few minutes of exposure.


This is hard work, that's why I'm sweating in this picture, but someone's gotta do it.


My photographer said he could edit the sweat off of my face with photoshop...


And while I'm not totally opposed to that sort of thing, I really want you to see the real me. The sweat, blood, and tears that have brought you Rockwell. Well, maybe not the tears...


Like the one time I cried when I lost the entire website due to word press errors. Or all the pain and frustration moving to our final and third learning platform in my quest to bring you only the very best. I'm a solider for you.


I've worked exhaustive hours perfecting and refining the ideal, model education for ideal, model holistic providers.


You will learn things here that even licensed medical professionals and functional practitioners are not privy to. We represent the new, improved face of functional and holistic medicine.


Without question, we are unrivaled in every modality and sacred offering we teach. Are you ready to learn and become?


You're voice and efforts are needed now more than ever in these times. Help me carve out, reshape, and rebuild society from the ground up.


I can't do it alone. Welcome to the revolution, change maker. You're on the frontline now. Let's do this.

bonus welcome message for fellow rebels, revolutionaries, visionaries, and change agents


Founding the Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine in 2015 was the last thing on my mind at the time, but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, right?


And it certainly applied in my case, as you'll soon find out…


This indeed was my calling.


You also have a calling, which is why you are here…


Fellow rebels and revolutionaries, like so many good things, this revolution started in my kitchen; as I pondered over cooking some delicious meal or another, how could I find the very best holistic practitioner to serve my family and me?


You see, even though I had been trained as a natural health practitioner at Clayton College of Natural Health and gone to Indiana University, I did not feel either one of those schools qualified me to really manage my own healthcare.


I talk about this at length in our new 2002 RTD® Course Overview & Program Guide.


I really just wanted someone to come in and "save me" from all the work of doing it myself so I could focus on making delicious healthy meals, and doing other things mothers do.


Had I been able to find that provider I was seeking, had they existed, in all my imagined glory, Rockwell would not be here, and you would not be reading this.


But alas, what was I looking for on god's green earth anyway?


Hmmm…That's a good question. And it's really quite simple.


I wanted a provider who knew as much or more than I did.


Was that really so much to ask for? I can hear my mother echoing, "Well, sort of, it was."


I was searching for a holistic provider whose education I could look at with the same awe and mesmerizing fascination that an elated child gazes out at the frosted morning dew glistening in the first light of the sun and exclaims breathlessly, "Diamonds!"...


Yes, my aunt told me that's a real story from my childhood.


She said I was standing on my grandmother's couch one frosty morning at dawn, looking out the big bay window in the front room.


I had thought that the dew frosted grass was diamonds covering the ground, but alas, it was crystalized water, which is far better than diamonds!


And that's how I relate my heart's desire: to find a provider whose dazzling education I could both respect and admire.


Someone I could trust implicitly with my health and my family.


You see, I knew so much, and I wanted a provider who knew at least as much, if not more than I did.


Someone I could consider a true expert, a provider I could look up to, who kind of, yeah, I know it sounds vain and pretentious, but who really knew it all…


That's right. A know it all. I wanted a provider who knew it all.


Where was my ideal 'unicorn' provider for my idealist enneagram type 1 mind?


I found a handful of holistic providers but never found 'the one'.


I just didn't feel I could trust these people, wonderful as they may be, with my family's health.


Why, though?


Their education just wasn't substantive enough for me to suspend my disbelief or to spend my money on, just hoping and wishing they knew what they were doing.


I'd heard the stories.


Pay a ton of money, and get zero results.


Zilch. Nada. Nothing.


It all added up to one thing.


Eventually, I realized to find the provider I wanted, I'd have to become it.


Oy vey! So I began looking at where I could go to school.


There was no getting around it.


The available educational providers on the market were so minimal and, yes, also outdated.


I wanted an educational experience that was cutting-edge, thrilling, non-biased, expansive, and comparatively affordable in terms of what I received for the price I paid.


I wanted to feel ecstatic and elated about the curriculum.


Was it really too much to ask for? Maybe so, because I never found a program like that.


It was then that I realized I had two choices.


As much as it broke my heart, I'd have to settle...


I'd have to settle for a program that didn't resonate with my super high ethical standards for safety, and educational transparency, even though I wasn't "madly in love" with it, just to get a title…


Or…. I'd have to start my own school. I'd have to become the expert I wished I had …


And I'd have to teach others how to do the same… —after all and truth be told, surely I couldn't be the only disenchanted prospective student out there?


And that's how Rockwell was born. I will say there's a bit more to the story, like how I spent a few months seriously considering med school and become an MD, DO, or an ND/NMD, then an NP or a PA... but that's for another day.


In the end, creating this program and opening this school was my path. They say the obstacle is the way...


My goal became to help co-create the most in-demand, highly qualified, and sought-after holistic health practitioners in the world.


I wanted to light the world up, and bring holistic medicine into each and every household across the globe.


Ambitious, I know.


To make that dream a reality, I set out to create the very best school of its class and type.


And that's just what I've done!


I wanted to create a name the public could trust and that the students would be proud of.


I wanted a program that would inspire respect, reverence, and admiration for our students in each other, —a collective of people who all knew the same things educationally speaking.


Yet, who thrived in their own sacred space of individuality. Most of all, I wanted affordability, accessibility, and credibility.


Rockwell was born of the need for an ideal functional, holistic provider and an ideal functional, holistic school.


I am so humbled and so grateful to all the first students who came, saw, and conquered with me. I'm thankful for the men and women who believed in me when Rockwell was raw, unrefined, and just a proverbial babe in the woods.


As a true idealist, I wanted to create an ideal school with ideal people to help shape a more ideal world. That's exactly what I set out to do, and that's exactly what I've done.


And it's what I will continue to do. 


Rockwell has no equal.


Welcome to your future alma mater.


with support for all that you do, all that you are, and all that you're becoming...