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Meet Ilka


I’m a student of the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD).


I went back and forth looking for alternatives to go back to study.


Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine was my first option.


This program has been great so far. The courses and individual lessons have been clear and coherent.


I am able to work at my own pace, the program is exactly the type of program I was looking for. I’m also a model of 22 years, when I quit studying medicine I worked in my modeling career.


I did 12 years in the medical industry and I hated it every second. That’s why I decided to go back to study but what I loved to learn and teach others so they can heal themselves.


I was pre-med in school, and in medicine I worked in labs, ER, medical offices, research… you name it. I worked both the clinical and clerical side, the whole system is broken.


I’m excited I chose the right school for my continuing studies.


I feel that finally I’m walking the right path to become a person that will help others to heal in an holistic and natural way. I’m excited I chose the right school for my continuing studies.


I feel that finally I’m walking the right path to become a person that will help others to heal in an holistic and natural way.


—Ilka Tamar



Meet Melanie & Maggie

The Rockwell School of Functional & Holistic Medicine has exceeded my expectations in every way. After years of study in herbalism, I wanted to go deeper and learn all I could about holistic medicine and natural healing. Researching programs, I was left wanting more- until I found Rockwell. The program is comprehensive, and the learning modules are designed build upon each other and equip the student with the tools, support, community, and confidence to step out into the world of whole person healing. Ava’s passion for healthcare reform and commitment to share her personal experiences to grow and influence others to learn is remarkable. I highly recommend Rockwell to anyone who is serious about holistic medicine education. —Melanie M. Thornton


Meet Mr. Stapleford


I'm a trainee in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate and cannot rate it highly enough.


As someone with two Ivy League graduate degrees and a career as an academic, I'm amazed at the sheer volume of information provided and the responsiveness of the staff.


The RSOHM is the only place to enroll if you're interested in traditional medicine, herbology, etc. You'll have a lifetime of being glad that you did.


I can't convey how much I'm enjoying this learning journey! I suppose that as a career educator, I love to learn, but having the opportunity to engage with helpful, practical, applicable, and backed by a sturdy knowledge base is just incredible.


Perhaps it's because I was a philosophy major as an undergraduate so many years ago, but this is just the best for me, right now, at this time in my life. I learn so much from every lesson, —about myself, the world, and energy. And I'm grateful for the new perspective that every lesson brings. I can't express how much I'm enjoying all of this.


There is a saying that "the most recent convert makes the worst fanatic," but I am middle-aged (well, maybe a "mature" middle-aged!) and have been walking around until now entirely oblivious to so much about our world…


Thank you for bringing this to light for me!


—Thomas Stapleford



When you choose Rockwell, you're joining a lifelong community of like-minded, like-hearted, and heart-centered holistic providers.


Meet Tamara


I'm currently enrolled in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD), which dives deep into all kinds of naturopathy, botanical medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and so much more.


The level of care, customer service, and attention have been impeccable.


After researching all of the other holistic schools I chose Rockwell due to their excellent customer service, ability to complete the courses at my leisure, better payment plan than other schools, and they have professionally multi-accredited.


I highly recommend Rockwell to anyone seeking advanced education in holistic health.


—Tamara Webster



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Meet Gabriel


Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine has been such a huge blessing for me and those around me in my healing journey and path to enlightening the world around me with such an array of wisdom filled courses.


One of my biggest passions has been thyroid health since enrolling in Rockwell.


This is largely due to the fact that there is so much beautiful and gracefully accurate information shared on the life-saving importance of iodine and thyroid health as it pertains to men, women, and children.


This is especially true for women in a culture apt to discard the struggle of mothers and women as leaders.


Thank you Rockwell for being so amazing and resourceful.


—Gabriel Blake



Meet Rebecca who thought she knew everything about nutrition...


Meet Suzy

Dear Ava, I think you are a wonderful, caring teacher. I feel motivated and inspired. I am so glad I didn't go with that other school. Also, I need to take myself and my dreams more seriously. I think the fact that you are a woman resonates with me. And I love that you are beautiful and put together, not a librarian type. You remind me of me! I am loving the coaching course. I am almost finished. So excited!! I love your school!!!


—Suzyden Running Hawk



Rockwell is pioneering a new wave of the most extensively trained, in-demand, and sought-after holistic health professionals in the world.

Meet Melissa


I found myself lacking long-term direction after a professional transition.


I called on close friends to see if they could see me doing professionally.


All but one suggested something I was actively trying to leave within the field.


That one friend suggested natural health.


She reminded me that I was already doing this in my own life and helping my own family and friends, so why not get my education and become a professional.


I started looking for a program I could get through, get certified, and get to work!


In my search, I found there are A LOT of programs designed just that way, designed to get you certified in something in just a few months.


Then I found Rockwell, and I picked apart all the modules within all the programs offered.


I compared them to all the other schools I had researched so far.


That was when I realized how very little I knew and how much I still had to learn.


In just a few months, I knew then that certification would not cut it and would not lead to a respectable job in this field. I also had no idea which facet of natural health I wanted to focus on. I have a job and a family, so I needed an educational path that was flexible and affordable and covered all areas of the natural health industry.


Rockwell checked all the boxes for me, and they have it all.


My approach to natural health is scientific.


I appreciate anecdotal remedies, but in the age of information and technology, we can uncover and understand the science behind how and why these anecdotal remedies work.


I found that the programs offered at Rockwell provide the scientific evidence I was looking for. This gave me greater confidence in the programs and my ability to practice post-certification. Learning something new or expanding on your current knowledge should be challenging. There are no courses offered by Rockwell that are easy or fast. They are a challenge indeed!


I have not found another more in-depth and comprehensive program than the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program®.


After enrolling in the all-inclusive RTD, I began studying anatomy and physiology in module one. This area of study is paramount in natural health as a whole.


Ultimately, I decided to begin this journey with holistic nutrition.


What I learned first is that I have so much more to learn, and what I learned next is that my education in this field will never end.


Rockwell updates and expands the curriculum regularly so, even after you have finished your program and have become certified there will always be more to learn and more to add to your scope of knowledge and practice, and you will find it ALL at Rockwell!


—Melissa Boyles



Meet Lyn-Coya


II was looking online for a school that met my needs financially and my desired level of foundational research, development, and information.


I came across Rockwell, and they drew me in because they are affordable. They talked to you first to ensure they are a good fit for you.

The first thing that drew me in further was the staff. I can be quite long-winded, and they met me at each word and understood my needs.

The information that they teach you is second to none. The instructors who reply to you are outstanding as well. I like that they help you develop your business plan at the end, but some of the books we use are from graduates to show you that you can succeed if you put your all into it.

Coming here was the best choice I made. If you want to become a holistic provider, then this is, without question, where you belong. 

—Lyn-Coya Daniels



Meet Tommesa

I could literally write volumes about how Rockwell has changed, enhanced, and enriched my life. It's a wonderful school that provides a stellar education. You feel like you're ready to step out on your own and work with clients. That's not the best thing about Rockwell. Rockwell has my trust and loyalty for life because of the REAL people behind the scenes. When I came to Rockwell, I was in a rough place. I'm not out of it yet, but thanks to Ava and this school, I can see my way out. I have hope because she and her staff took the time to SEE me. I don't want to go into too much detail, but suffice it to say that you don't just become a student or trainee when you join Rockwell School of Functional & Holistic Medicine. You become part of a family. And for me, that has made all the difference.