We teach you ideal health theory so you can practice it in your own life, and then model it to your clients.

Rockwell. Mapping Ideal Health Since 2015.

Rockwell strives to teach its graduates to practice confidently, safely, and effectively through targeting, eliminating, and reversing root causes using functional blood chemistry, traditional naturopathy, clinical herbalism, advanced holistic nutrition, and spiritual medicine. We seek to help others manifest their full health potential, body, mind, and spirit through the practice of these modalities. Heal yourself, heal your family, and heal others, one human at a time.

What is Ideal Health Theory®? 


Ideal Health Theory® is our founder, Ava Rockwell's unique theory on ideal health.


She mapped out what defines ideal health and teaches it to you so you can practice it and help others do the same. 


It is based on her ideal model of health and it was made for the ideal, functional and holistic practice methodology, the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD), specifically for ideal, holistic providers, such as yourself.

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Going Deeper with Ideal Health Theory®



In the Ideal Health Theory® Collage, it says 'releasing toxics'. The concept of 'toxics' is just toxic people. You will also see our founder use the terminology 'dark triad,' meaning specific types of toxic people characterized by certain behaviors. 


These are just some of her shorthand, abbreviated terminology. Ideal Health Theory® is using not only functional bloody chemistry, but functional brain chemistry, which relates to the hormones, neurotransmitters, and synapses for perfect functioning. 


Most of our brain chemistry is off in terms of ideal health. When we're able to recalibrate and rebalance our natural, ideal brain chemistry, we can then truly manifest not only our full potential as individuals but also our full health potential.


As we change our habits, our brain chemistry begins to improve, but sometimes it's a 'catch-22,' and we have to work at balancing brain chemistry acutely, to help inspire and enable the process, as well as long term for health continuity. 


Living a healthy life and making healthy choices requires us to get at the root of the lack of, or shifting motivations, and the self-sabotaging. 


Many of the root causes of not living one's ideal life is simply terrible brain chemistry from stress, pollutants, conditioning, and processed foods. 


The goal is to not stop trying to 'get there,' but 'to finally arrive.' When there are too many starts and stops along the way, many of us finally give up. 


That's why, one of the most important tenants of Ideal Health Theory®, is functional brain chemistry. 


A person with a balanced brain is easier to work with and assimilate change for rapid health manifestation. When we see quick change, we are inspired as if by magic. When we are inspired, we feel like we have arrived. 


Living our ideal life means being capable of doing so.


To help people be capable, the first thing we address is functional brain chemistry, something unique to Rockwell. 


We talk about basic, common vs. unique imbalances, and how to correct them, as much as possible, using holistic methods and lifestyle changes.


This is important, because when brain chemistry is functioning at top-tier, then the client can choose from their highest and best self, physiologically and spiritually, speaking. 


This means there is less room for errors and unconscious issues like self-sabotage. Then change becomes easier to implement, assimilate, and accept.


We're really just educating people on how to live their best life ever, and live their best quality of life possible for them. Our knowledge is laser sharp and targeted. 


We are experts at what we do. That's why there is always a demand for our expertise. People do not have time for another career. That's why you're the holistic provider. People are tired of playing Dr. Google. They want time-saving expertise.


And that's honestly why you make that money. You make bank because no one else can do what you do, in the way you do it. We teach you how to ask for and receive divine compensation for your gifts. 


We teach you how to know, own, and command your sacred worth. We teach you how to get out there in the world and 'do.' We teach you how to be the creator, not the consumer. 


When you're doing what you're meant to be doing, all things align for you. When you are being called to another career, things will force you in that direction until you find the right spot or take action. 


Things won't feel right and they won't be comfortable at a certain point when the world wants your attention elsewhere. Heed this call. Heed all the calls when intuition is dialing in. 


Listen to the nudges. Read the writing on the wall. Be true to yourself. Regret nothing. Grow. Evolve. Reinspire. Rebirth.