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Rockwell Certified Holistic Provider Client Success Stories

These are real people and graduates who've allowed us to share their stories and client testimonials as social proof of what's possible. And while you're free to look them up and follow them, please respect their privacy, as they have busy, thriving practices. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. Additionally, note that their client reviews may have misspellings and/or grammatical errors and typos. These are screenshots and could not be otherwise edited. 

From the Offices of  Piper Gibson

Since graduating from Rockwell, Piper has become a best-selling author, has a line of supplements for children with tic disorders, and testing for them, too. Her podcast and interviews are incredible. You can read her full bio and learn more about her book here.


Just below, you'll find just a few of her client reviews, —and one day, your success stories will be plentiful, too, with all the lives you're about to change.


As a mother and a pharmacist, I can’t sing Piper’s praises enough.


She is incredible to work with and will treat your kids as her own. My son experienced a few tic “episodes” following illnesses, and I was told they were normal and just a coincidence on the timing.


My mom’s gut knew something was off, and my research told me we were dealing with other issues. I started supplements from my research and saw some improvement, but I wanted concrete answers.


Piper validated my thoughts both as a mom and as a holistic practitioner. Through genetic testing, stool analysis, food sensitivities, and detailed history, we found the root causes.


After some adjustments and streamlining supplements specific to my son’s results, we have a new gut and a much healthier immune system and no longer deal with tics after infections.


I had Raynaud’s phenomenon and a positive ANA, an autoimmune marker. I immediately contacted Piper, and she suggested supplements. After a few weeks, I had incredible results.


I have not had a Raynaud's “attack” (even in a Northeast winter full of snow), and my ANA is no longer positive. Piper creates a personalized plan based on your history, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all.


Her knowledge is remarkable, and her passion is contagious to help families.


My only regret was not partnering with her sooner. As a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, I am incredibly impressed with Piper’s execution in navigating various health conditions.


—Ashley Kapanek Pharm.D., BCPS


From the Offices of  Amanda Prado

Amanda Prado is a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Natural Medicine, DTN/DNM®, has a thriving practice as the 'Thyropath' and specializes in thyroid disorders. She also is a formulary consultant for Native MD, a supplement manufacturer making clean vitamins and minerals for whom only the best will do. 



From the Office of Ivy Pruss

Dr. Ivy Pruss specializes in all aspects of functional medicine as a Doctor of Functional Medicine, DFM®, and a Board Certified Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy & Natural Medicine, DTN/DNM®. She has helped people no one else could. She has a line of herbal products (and has for years). Read some of her client reviews below.

Ivy is exponentially a blessing to our family’s well-being.


She comes from a foundation of a god-given heart and passion for sharing guidance in a higher standard of improved healthcare.


Do you want a doctor driven by god to provide the care you need, with love and sincerity, yet robust in her depth of understanding, someone to help you become a wiser, stronger version of yourself?


Look no further because you found her, I promise!

—Vanessa N.


My husband and I have been working with Ivy for several months, and we are so thankful for the opportunity.


I’ve noticed a huge improvement in our health in just a short time.


She truly has a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about the well-being and health of each of her clients.


She has provided us with detailed instructions every step of the way and always answered any questions.


We could not recommend a better way to invest in your health than working with her.

—Kelsie A.


Rockwell Certified Holistic Provider Case Studies Based Off of Real People

Client Case Study #1 


Here is a sample client case to illustrate the process:


Nancy came to her Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider® (RCH-P) as a last resort, fearing surgery for diabetic complications and PAD (peripheral artery disease). 


She also wanted support and advocacy for getting off of some 30-odd medications once she addressed her surgical issues. 


Initially, she had wounds on her left foot that were not healing. Was there anything she could do to heal herself at such a late stage? And why hadn't any of her physicians really taught her how to avoid this situation? Since diabetes is a lifestyle disease, why hadn't anyone advised her about nutrition? 


According to her vascular surgeon, she just needed to have a portion of her foot removed, which was routine for him seeing diabetic patients, but scary for her.


We got to the root cause of her fear of not having surgery: she wouldn't live to see her grandson graduate, of whom she was the primary caregiver.


Her medical provider placed immense pressure on her to have surgery immediately, and she struggled with whether or not to get it.


After coming to us, we referred her to have her diabetic wound treated by a functional medicine doctor. She healed her foot using medical ozone via oxygen insufflation and bariatric oxygen chambers.


Afterward, she began to do small exercises from her bedroom in bed, gradually increasing to short 1-3 minute walks.


In conjunction with this, she went on a no-sugar diet, which her licensed medical providers had tragically and not adequately addressed. We showed her affordable ways to eat healthily on a fixed income.


Whereas the conventional medical establishment allowed her to continue eating refined carbohydrates, she stopped under our guidance. Her food addiction, compulsory habits, and stress levels were also addressed.


She had underlying depression, which caused her to binge eat. Her brain chemistry and serotonin levels were imbalanced due to self-medicating with sugar and processed foods.


Her vitamin A & D levels and her iodine and selenium were also deficient. As our model indicates, taking a multi-faceted approach, we realized she had a lot of underlying emotional pain and unresolved trauma.


She did energetic clearing or energy psychology with EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping) and EMDR to help her deactivate her triggers.


We were able to reverse her diabetes eventually, and she insisted on weaning off blood pressure meds with her licensed provider.


In the end, she got to the root of her medical issues, many of which were emotional and stress-related in nature, coped the best way she could, and reversed the chronic disease. 


This negated any surgeries because instead of acting out of fear and pressure from her cardiovascular surgeon to have surgery right away, she was able to take her power back and reclaim her life.


That's the power of 'the pause.'


All thanks to the RCH-P, which is you in the future.


Keep in mind that sometimes emergency surgery is necessary.


Still, the goal is to allow the client to pause and reflect on what is best for them momentarily, to listen to their intuition, and make an informed decision that aligns with their highest and best good.


People should not be forced to make serious, life-changing decisions hastily. We allow people the time to reflect and get in touch with their health. At the root was lack of knowledge, lack of self-love due to unresolved trauma, and coping mechanisms of over eating and addiction to processed foods.


Nancy's foot healed. She changed her diet. She started therapy for her unresolved trauma and now walks 1-2 miles daily. She's since begun natural hormone replacement therapy and feels confident in managing her health after discovering an RCH-P, such as the one in this case study.


Miracles abound!


Client Case Study #2 


David came to his RCH-P complaining of being on 17 different medications (previously diagnosed with throat cancer) and general exhaustion, feeling tired and low energy more days than not.


Rather than explore underlying causes, such as diet and stress management, his doctor prescribed one medication after the other to treat the symptoms caused by the previous medications.


David was of good faith yet frustrated. He felt conventional medicine was failing him, so he explored alternatives.


He immediately felt better after working with an RCH-P and employing holistic lifestyle choices.


Once testing was complete, a plan we set, and within 28-days, he was practically symptom-free.


He weaned off of his medications, yes, all of them, and has manifested his full health potential.


He is well-connected. He tells his friends about his experience with his RCH-P and sends many referrals. Anytime he has a health concern, he contacts his provider.


The RCH-P is quite popular in its community and maintains a full schedule of new and repeat clients and client referrals.


Life is grande when you love what you do and do what you love.


Are you ready to create a life you love and love the life you create?


Want results like these? Become the Holistic Provider You Always Wished You'd Had.

The Rockwell School of Holistic Medicine® (RSOHM) and our Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD) can help with all non-emergency, non-acute health concerns, —meaning if it doesn't require emergency IV antibiotics, prescriptions, or surgical care, then we can help.


We can work in conjunct with conventional providers as patient advocate and guide, or outside of the model, depending on the client and situation, all of which is discussed and taught within the RTD®.


We teach you how to provide your clients with holistic lifestyle choices, and we teach you how to order and read labs so you can target root causes and eliminate symptoms without pharmaceutical drugs.


We also teach you how to check for contraindications and work with conventional medical providers as patient advocates.


We don’t treat disease, diagnose medical conditions, or prescribe pharmaceutical drugs unless otherwise licensed to do so.


Instead, we help our clients rebuild their constitution and manifest their full health potential one human at a time, using our Ideal Theory of Health Model®.


We help end the cycle of trial and error that clients and practitioners often experience with our incredible yet easy-to-use practice model.


We help you niche down, find your voice, and the courage to use it. We provide a proven, science-backed 12-step business blueprint and practice-building guide in the Rockwell Business Emporium® so your success is imminent.