We provide an expansive, organic, grassroots learning experience that's both intuitive and fun. And yes, we mean fun. Living a joy-filled life is imperative for health, and it all begins in the classroom. Learning should never be stale or boring. And we offer the most richly designed functional and holistic medicine program on the planet. Rockwell grads are changing lives across the globe. Bold words, we know, —and yes, we mean them.

Learn what other functional providers won't. Learn more. Learn with Rockwell.

What's the career outlook as a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider®? What can you do with this type of certification? This is one of the most important questions one can ask before embarking on this journey.


We know that you want to be everything you were meant to be. We know you want to create a place for yourself in the global community.


We know you're ready to manifest your highest and best self. We know you want to shine your light and take your own special place in the sun.


We know from experience that when you learn Ideal Health Theory® you'll begin stepping into your ideal self and living your ideal life.


We also know that's not enough to succeed as a functionally-trained, holistic provider.


You need even more than that, which is why we include and teach business mastery for holistic providers inside the Rockwell Business Emporium®, RBE.


This is where we teach you to position yourself as the leading expert in your field. We teach you to structure your day and your time for success.


Not only that. Let's be honest. You're relationship with your work is spiritual in and of itself. We show you firsthand how to connect with yourself, your intuition, and your work for the highest and best outcomes.


We teach you how to listen to and connect with your business instinct and intuition, which is tangible, actionable and highly profitable.


And it's an amazing thing to become one with your work, to get to that place where you're truly at peace, confident, competent, and proud of your contribution and purpose.


Business skills are vital in every industry and many of the same rules apply. The problem is that no one teaches business baselines to holistic providers, but we do.


As a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider®, R-CHP, you're going to learn how to carve out your dream career, on your terms, with your unique genius, and your sacred gifts and talents, because you know you have them, and we know you you do, too.


We stand behind you.


And the truth is, there is something you were meant to do that only you can do. We teach you to discover and embrace your own unique gifts, and purpose so you can make an impact.


There are people that you are specially coded to help, that only you can help. This also means the longer you delay or deny your calling, the longer those people wait, or never get help.


On that note, here are some wealth-building career routes for our graduate holistic providers.


We're going to inspire you with several ideas and possibilities.


So first of all, something you can do that is increasingly lucrative is:


  • niche group and one-on-one coaching


This allows you to share your niche-specific knowledge which you've gained through life experience and through our program. It's so fulfilling as a holistic provider to share your expertise, truly helping others, and getting paid to do so.


If you have a following of 600, there will be a percentage of said followers who want more direction and guidance. Those are people you would coach. You can do weekly or monthly coaching. Many do weekly, and this is highly profitable. Some prefer it to one-on-one, while others prefer one-on-one to group. Others do both.


Whatever kind of group coaching you provide, you will work online, in person, or both.


If you already have a medical professional career that is rewarding, and you have no issues with career path or core self-worth and visibility wounds, then Rockwell will take you to the next level of empowerment.


However, if you need help on the business side too, the RBC will help you with all of these things and more.


Some holistic providers offer their health coaching events in person at the facility they work, or at a local, community facility.


I know one holistic provider who works in person with several different groups a few times a week. To be honest, she makes a lot of money. The numbers add up and word-of-mouth spreads quickly.


They over lap, and restart, and just keep going. Most groups pay monthly and get a discount for their ongoing commitment to learning the things you're teaching.


The other benefit is that you can earn commissions on products, like DesBio that people need and were going to buy somewhere anyway.


You're just able to provide them with a truly, vastly superior product than what is on the mainstream market. That's why you need some kind of certification to access DesBio. It's not public access.


For example, you can give a mini-evaluation, address some key issues that relate to the theme of that day's session, and give them some quick suggestions on homeopathy, based on what their issues that month...


I know a few providers who do this with their coaching model. They are very successful and have multiple 5-figure nights with one single coaching group. Sometimes in exchange for using a shared facility they share a commissions percentage.


You can't make this stuff up. It might take time for you to build something like that, but it shows you what is possible.


Of course, you will always be authentic and only suggest products someone can truly benefit from, and only as needed. And we always maintain strict ethical standards, which means no price gouging.


Each group might max out at, say 12 - 15 people. That's why there are different groups on different evenings. You can teach the same thing to each different group that week.


Imagine if each online or in-person group member pays $20 dollars each, and they buy product, that they already needed anyway. Or say someone pays $15 or $29 per month.


Even if you don't make wholesale commissions, you are earning $200-$250 per hour baseline.


There's some behind-the-scenes time, but it's manageable.  Working even a few hours a week is very profitable, so build that client base.


The numbers are great! It's an affordable, fun way to make a lot of money. It also gives purpose to your passion and gets you out in the real world.


They are usually 1-hour to 90-minutes in length. You plan a simple lesson, like 'how to avoid bromide,' and you can bring a healthy treat, possibly showing them how to make a simple recipe or healthy snack. 


The ideas are endless in terms of topics and planning, but you will end up doing something that rings true and makes sense specific to your gifts, talents, and specialty areas of interest.


It takes a bit of weekly homework in terms of planning, but this is also represents an enjoyable opportunity for you to love your work and get paid well.


Group coaching offers the chance to make a lot of steady income and build a loyal following. Once people work with you, they will stay, right? All you have to do is be yourself. Easy, right?


We tend to make it harder than it should be, but you'll get the hang of it.


If you do the numbers though, with group coaching, in person and online, the rewards are stackable and amazing. What does that even mean?


It means that this is a scalable, predictable system that allows you to really make bank, and that's what you want, isn't it? Oh, and to love your work of course.


A lot of people's issue is not that they aren't genius or just have bad luck with attracting, making, and earning money, —no.


It's that they don't have leadership skills modeled for them to emulate. They are also often lost and deprived of true inspiration.


We fix all that. We give you the means, the methods, and the inspiration to build the life you love and love the life you build.


Coaching is a fun way to give back to your local and online digital communities.


It's a fun way to 'get out there,' build your speaking skills, because being a paid speaker may be in that future of yours...


In the end, you'll choose the career paths that align with your own unique gifts and predispositions, so never feel pressured to take one career path over the other.


Always stay true to you and what works best for you and your own sacred path, because you do have a path, and make no mistake about it. Your path is sacred.


Let's get out there on it right now, shall we?


You can also:


  • do one-on-ones


This option allows you to work one-on-one with clients and is usually in addition to group coaching.


It allows you a more in-depth, one-on-one, intimate relationship with the client.


While right for some, it's not right for everyone, especially if you get drained easily. Most people love a mix of one-on-ones and group coaching and both are super lucrative. Just don't overdo it.


You will also wanna make sure you're super feeling your vibe, because if you're not being 100% true-to-self in your brand voice, tone, and marketing approach, then you can attract people that won't be as enjoyable to work with as those you are specially coded to help.


It is considerably more expensive, and should be equal to, or at least 25% more than the total you make in the same time doing group coaching.


You get to decide if you do 30-min, 45-min, 60 or 90-min sessions. We provide a template for how to do one-on-ones. A lot of people create a course for their clients, or an add-on course to upsell.


Some providers offer an all-inclusive package and others do upsells.


We show you all the ropes, like how to create, structure, and provide your offering.


We show you varying models and how yours will grow and evolve based on what we've seen in the careers of longterm graduates.


You can also:


  • write a book or co-author a best seller like another of our graduates has done  

Don't worry. We provide all the info and connections you need to do that. Inside connections. Proven connections. We do for you like we do for our family.


You get connections when you choose Rockwell.


You can also: 


  • become a public speaker in your specialty   

This isn't for everyone, but it's many people's dream.


You can also:


  • become a community educator write your own courses for your services as part of your signature program or coaching model  

This is almost like group-coaching, but a bit more formalized, less fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants.


You can also:


  • work with other providers in a physical office, —especially chiropractors, functional medical doctors, and 'those in the know.'

These people get and appreciate you and what you have to offer, —especially after you show them what you learned at Rockwell.


You can also:


  • work exclusively virtually as an in-demand telehealth provider   

This is what most of our providers do when they work one-on-one. Some do this exclusively, and others do it in tandem with other options on this list.


You can also:


  • host your own podcast, YouTube channel, or another social platform, such as IGTV    

These can be huge moneymakers through advertising things you know and love on your platform, or through monetization, as with YouTube.


A lot of people are intimidated by video, but a huge factor is feeling the fear, and doing it anyway.


You can decide to make your message bigger and more important than your fear.


It's a choice to accept your role as a leader, and start leading.


You can also:


  • become a professional guest speaker on television and YouTube speaking fervently with conviction on all your favorite topics that come passionately and easily to you 


These people just do interviews full time and write books. They are authorities. It usually requires knowing one thing inside and out, obsessively. Even if it's just your story. And I don't mean 'just.'


Your story is everything. That way you always know what you're talking about.


It's easier to speak in specific terms on something, than vague generalities.


People command fees to speak and do interviews, and they get big followings, that often translate into one-on-one clients or group-coaching members.


It turns into people who buy the book you wrote, and the next one...


Everything lines up when you are doing what you were called to do. To wake up and do what you love everyday and earn a command the pricing you deserve means you've finally 'arrived.'


You can also:


  • create your own line of health products create health and wellness events and programs in your local community through your own or a shared facility  

This is almost a given. Whether it's a single product or a line, you can create your own herbal or skincare products, supplement or herbal medicine.


Whatever your intuition is nagging you to create, you'll have a lot of credibility behind you to do so. And our program will engage and inspire you to more lucrative ideas and possibilities.


You can also:


  • host retreats and yearly events for your niche   

This is certainly a more specialty type of path, but there are those that just love hosting people and events like this. I literally know people who love this sort of thing.


They can be done annually or bi-annually, with a central or changing theme.


And they can be highly profitable, benefiting you and your family financially, while helping troves of people open their mind to holistic medicine.


Whoever does this will make a lot of great connections.


You can also:


  • become an advanced holistic nutrition chef or host a cooking show  

This is perfect for some very talented people with culinary skills.


If this is where your heart lies, where you feel aligned, then embrace it. Whatever you are feeling an inkling about, a nudge, twinge, push or pull, —listen.


That's your intuition speaking, and it should be honored at all times. All times.


Follow that. Whatever you do, remember this.


Functional, holistic medicine is the new paradigm in health.


And the careers are real...


Look all around you.


Ready to make your place in the world?


The more true you are to your own vision, the more you spend time with it, and evolve it, the more you will attract the people you're meant to help. And a lot of them.


The truer you are, the truer the returns. The truer your returns in joy and compensation.


So with everything you say, do, think, and write about your business, set an intention, and know yourself and your brand inside and out.


If you've never had anything of your very own, career-wise...


And if you've started businesses in the past and could never make it work or get as wealthy as you really wanted...


And if you're just not sure of yourself, then we show you how to align with your sacred offering in a way that changes those old paradigms.


When you fully align with your own sacred offerings and your soul's true intentions, you are able to lovingly command divine compensation for your work.


Business is more than the end means of money.


It's a deeply spiritual process that shows you how to hold space for yourself, and how to revel in all your glory, something few people ever experience.


So very few of us ever get to know either ourselves or are businesses very well, which is why so few of us experience the kind of unbridled success our souls crave.


We show you how to quench your deepest thirst for success and abundance.


These longings are human and meant to help us carve out our purpose. When we do this, everything else falls into place. Our life finally aligns with our soul's true intentions.


There is no greater reward in life than to do the work you came to do. To finally know your place in the world. To have your one thing.


Although at Rockwell, you get so much more than one thing.


We teach you the secrets for knowing yourself and your work inside and out so you can feel grounded and secure in both.


This is more than a job, more than a career, more than a position.


This is your calling. Honor it.



Check out what some of our graduates are doing; guest interviews, podcasts, summits, writing books, becoming best-selling authors, product formulary, and more.


Is your soul calling?