We provide an expansive, organic, grassroots learning experience that's both intuitive and fun. And yes, we mean fun. Living joyfully is imperative for health; it all begins in the classroom. Learning should never be stale or boring. We offer the best natural, functional, and holistic medicine programs¬†on the planet.¬†Rockwell grads are changing lives across the globe. Bold words, we know, ‚ÄĒand yes, we mean them.

Learn what other holistic providers won't. Learn more. Rockwell. For the joy of learning.


What's the career outlook as a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider¬ģ? What can you do with this type of certification? This is one of the most important questions one can ask before embarking on this journey. The truth is, there are many paths open to choose from. Most will work one-on-one with clients in person or remotely. Others will work with groups of people in person or online. Some will create their own practice, while others will prefer to work with others in the brick-and-mortar arena.¬†


We know that you want to be everything you were meant to be. You want to create a place for yourself in the global community and manifest your highest and best self career-wise.


We know you want to shine your light and reach the champagne-soaked, sun-drenched finish line of success, however you define it. Well, maybe not champagne, but whatever your drink of choice, we trust you get the picture.


We know from experience that when you learn Ideal Health Theory¬ģ, you'll begin stepping into your ideal self and living your ideal life.¬†We also know that's insufficient to succeed as a functionally-trained, holistic provider.


You need even more than that, so we include and teach business mastery for holistic providers inside the Rockwell Business Emporium¬ģ. You'll learn business setup, practical applications, business energetics, and spiritual economics.


This is where we teach you to position yourself as the leading expert in your field, down to how you structure your day and time for maximum success.


We teach you how to listen to and connect with your business acumen, instinct, and intuition, which are all tangible, actionable, and highly profitable.


You'll become one with your work and reach a place where you're truly at peace, confident, competent, and proud of your contribution and purpose.


Business skills are vital in every industry, and many of the same rules apply. The problem is that no one teaches business baselines to holistic providers, but we do.


As a Rockwell-Certified Holistic Provider, R-CHP¬ģ, you learn to carve your dream career on your terms with your unique genius and¬†sacred gifts and talents because you know you have them, and we know you do, too.


We stand behind you.


And the truth is, there is something you were meant to do that only you can do. We teach you to discover and embrace your own unique gifts and purpose so you can make an impact.


There are people you are specially coded to help that only you can help. This also means the longer you delay or deny your calling, the longer those people wait or never get help.


On that note, here are some wealth-building career routes for our graduate holistic providers, starting with the most commonly preferred career approaches to the most unique ones.


  • work with people one-on-one, in groups (online or in person), or some combination of both


note: you can work digitally with an online presence or in a shared practice, ‚ÄĒeach provider has their own approach and preferences.


  • create your own line of supplements with original formulas


  • create an informative health channel for YouTube, Rumble, or any platform you prefer¬†


  • build a unique following as a health influencer and brand endorser


  • create a health cooking show or become a health chef


  • create your own course for people in your specialty or niche (Piper creates courses for parents of children with tic disorders, as just one example, but she also works with people one-on-one and has her own line of supplements).


We see students succeed beyond their wildest dreams just by starting from scratch. You can rest assured that we discuss all the technical business aspects inside the emporium, where you can set up your business from start to finish. 

This is your calling. Honor it.


Check out what some of our graduates are doing; guest interviews, podcasts, summits, writing books, becoming best-selling authors, product formulary, and more.


 Work with the people you're specially coded to help.