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What kind of career options will you have as a Rockwell Functional Holistic Provider®?


This is super fun for us to see what path our graduates take. As a Rockwell Functional Holistic Provider® (RFH-P), you'll have the opportunity to carve out your dream career in your own specialty and blaze your own path down one of the myriad of ways that align with your soul's true intentions.

The truth is, there is something you were meant to do that only you can do. There are people you were coded to help. That is your life's purpose. 

You can accomplish this mission when you choose to do one or more of any of the following:

  • work one-on-one with clients create your own group coaching by subscription working 5:1, 10:1, 15:1
  • write a book or co-author a best seller like another of our graduates has done become a public speaker in your specialty
  • become a community educator write your own courses for your services as part of your signature program or coaching model
  • work with other providers in a physical office
  • work exclusively virtually as an in-demand telehealth provider
  • host your own podcast, YouTube channel, or another social platform, such as IGTV
  • become a professional guest speaker on television and YouTube speaking fervently with conviction on all your favorite topics that come passionately and easily to you
  • create your own line of health products create health and wellness events and programs in your local community through your own or a shared facility
  • host retreats and yearly events for your niche
  • become an advanced holistic nutrition chef or host a cooking show

And we are not kidding!

This is the future of medicine, —the future of fixing the broken healthcare model.

And the careers are real...

Look all around you.

Now is the time to stand up, use your voice, take your place in the world, and be the change maker you always knew you were. You wouldn't be here if you weren't an agent of change, and nothing can hold you back with Rockwell behind you.


Check out what Piper and some of our other graduates are doing. Guest interviews, podcasts, summits, best-selling authors, product formulary and more!

We teach you how to get media, publicity, put yourself out there, uncover and believe in your own unique brilliance. After all, you were born for this. Trust it.

What holistic longings are sirening a call to  your soul? Will you heed the call? Remember. There comes a time when a leader must lead. Is your message or your fear bigger? Which will win? You decide.