Complete First Holistic Doctorate

Student-trainees may receive up to 12 certificates of completion as they move through the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program© (RTD). We offer 5 holistic doctorates and 7 minor certifications in total. Your dissertation and exit interview will be completed just before you receive your first doctorate.

A Note About Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements were created to support you as a member of our community and allow us to mentor you as you transition into these career fields so you can start your practice as you begin receiving certifications. Hence, you are prepared to work as soon as you are ready.

A Note About Graduation Requirements

Your graduate dissertation is an opportunity for you to create superior content and have your work professionally published on our website. This process helps create credibility and builds your online presence as you enter professional practice. Please note that we recently changed our website platform and are still in the process of moving older papers from our former site and uploading new graduate dissertations. This process will be complete by May 15th.

Additional Graduation Information & Dissertation Guidelines

Complete Program

Student-trainees receive certifications as they move through each module and do not require completing the program all at once before receiving.

Pay Remaining Tuition

This requirement is for the last two doctorates. Some graduates may qualify for financing through FenFi.

Complete Exit Interview

Your exit interview is a mentoring opportunity where we help usher you into professional practice and provide moral support! Schedule an exit interview here!

Complete Dissertation

The dissertation requirements may be found below. Reach out and send us an email here before starting for topic approval in case someone else is working on the same subject.

Receive 5 Holistic Doctorates & 7 Minor  Certifications

You may view sample certificates of completion in the menu above.

Start Your Practice

Our business section will help you build a practice from scratch or seek a position with someone already in practice.

Dissertation Paper Instructions & Factsheet



Please note that your paper must be written in Google Docs versus Microsoft Word, and when shared, must be shared with editing privileges.


Your dissertation can be as little as 5,000 words, or up to 25,000 words, double spaced, in size 13 or 13.5 in Century Gothic font on a holistic subject of your choice, most likely an area you will specialize.


Please see our blog for some graduate examples!



Your dissertation word limit may include footnotes and endnotes but excludes appendices, references, and a required bibliography. 


In addition, figures, tables, and images should be counted as the equivalent of 75 words for each page, or part of a page, that they occupy with a limit of 12 images and or graphs. 


This paper is known as long-form content and will be published on our website with your name and image (optional), allowing you to link out from your site to build SEO, drive traffic, and establish your credibility. It is also a testament to your strength and will to complete such an incredible piece of work and allows you to share your knowledge with others.



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