why you need it and can't live without it.


iodine. why you need it and can't live without it.

iodine: the miracle elemental

Not just another random element on the periodic chart, according to Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Guy Abraham, iodine can prevent up to 70%+ or more of endocrine system-related cancers, including the organs of the thyroid, breast, prostate, uterine, cervix, and pancreas. Why? Our body is made up of iodine receptor sites, with not enough iodine to protect these sites, toxic halides swoop in and become contributing factors and environmental causes (to cancer). You'll learn all about toxic halides and how to reduce your risk and exposure inside this course.


iodine-deficient women on thyroid meds for 15 years or more have a 200% increased risk of breast cancer. this is not a scare tactic. this is a real statistic.

90% of the population is iodine-deficient

According to Dr. Sircus, iodine is a master antioxidant and detoxifies causal environmental factors of cancer, such as toxic halides, but what are halides? Find out in this course. Most breast cancer patients are comorbid with bromism (bromide poisoning). What's the antidote? Iodine. 


research supports the miracle of iodine in the human body


iodine supports brain health in children, IQ & prevents ADD


iodine is truly a key nutritional gem meant for all


What will you learn?


Well, only the most fascinating things in the world, of course...


After this section, you can become a Rockwell-Certified Iodine-Literate Practitioner and safely practice iodine in your community.


It's easy to get started practicing iodine by offering iodine consultations. Basically everyone needs iodine.


Iodine is critical to children's health, starting in utero. Almost everyone feels better on iodine, but it's not as simple as just buying it and taking it.


That's why we teach it as a certification.


Used inappropriately, it can cause harm in those with contraindications.


Here are a few quick facts.


Iodine speeds thyroid metabolism and helps the eyes and skin retain moisture as we age.


It helps raise children's IQ in utero and after birth.


Mothers pass their iodine supply to their breastfeeding babies.


Most couples experiencing infertility are low on iodine and have bromism from bromide, an iodine antagonist and inhibitor.


All breast cancer patients are suspected to be comorbid with bromism, or bromide poisoning, according to Dr. Guy Abraham.


People deficient in iodine are more likely to be diagnosed with autoimmunity.


This course will address all of that and teach which iodines are safe, which iodines are toxic, and the meaning of synergistic cofactors.


We'll share with you the best practices and products on the market, —and no they aren't what the mainstream is saying. Some of the most popular iodine products are not the very best. In addition, iodine must be consumed responsibly.


You'll learn the rare but few critical contraindications (meaning people who should not take iodine), dosages, and safe consumption.


This course will separate myth from fact and give you the truth on this miraculous element.


You'll learn all about iodine's rich history and how it was the first line of treatment for tumors, thyroid, and breast issues, according to a 100-year old Merck manual.


We also teach you which health concerns iodine helps reverse.


We provide innumerable resources for breast cancer, suggested reading, and easy changes you can make to detoxify from what are known as causal environmental factors, often related to common cancers.


We'll talk about prostate and breast health, avoiding calcification of the body (and pineal gland), as well as how to avoid the worst offenders in our exposome.


You will get our 150-page handwritten dissertation on iodine, written by our founder, Ava Rockwell, which includes everything you ever needed to know to use this element safely.


Learn what halides are, where they concentrate, environmental causal factors, and how to detoxify your body from them.


Iodine is truly a sacred element, and 'Iodine: The Miracle Elemental' is the most essential, life-changing course we offer and is only included inside the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program® (RTD).


How beautiful is iodine? Find out in the Rockwell Tri-Doctorate Certification Program®.



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